Here it is, the 35th Edition of the Mountain Goat Shirt!

April 22, 2013 at 5:41 AM


We are excited about how the 2013 shirt has turned out. Artist Adam Batliner, from "Running With the Buffaloes" fame, Marketing Director Matt Werder and Joe Woodworth from Top Stitch have combined for a sharp and clean shirt that you will be proud to wear anywhere.

One word on shirts, to avoid people not getting the size they requested this year, we are changing our policy on shirt distribution. We order the number of shirts requested. Due to people getting smaller or bigger or varying fit on shirts from year to year, participants will often ask for a different size at packet pickup than they requested. This invariably leads to having a shortage or over stock situation of various sizes near the end of distribution. This year, volunteers will give you the size you requested on the application. If you want a different size than what you requested, you can change it starting at 9 a.m. on Sunday at registration at City Hall Commons.

Although this might seem somewhat inconvenient, it is the only way we can assure that people get the size they requested. In the end it should work out perfectly and everyone will be happy. 


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Posted by Jack on
Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead! HooRah!Fall asleep beofre the announcement last night.Talk about a surprise this morning when I saw the front page of the paper! Had become pretty cynical about all these proclaimations over nearly ten years since 9/11 about getting Bin Laden. Guess I was wrong to have been so. Great news, the best we have had since the collaspe of Communism 20 years ago.Snoopy, thanks for this post and all your other posts, especially the duck one. Have not been able to comment lately because can no longer do so at work. Will have be pc sent up hopefully next week. Will be able to comment more then.
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