Mountain Goat Running Tip #8 brought to you by OrthoNOW!

April 24, 2013 at 9:03 AM


Run your own race.

The gun goes off, the crowd of people lurches, and soon panic sets in as a wave of people carry you along for the first mile of a race like the Mountain Goat. You get to the first mile and you are 45 seconds faster than your normal training pace. By mile two you are a full 1 minute and forty seconds below your goal time.

The first instinct is "great, I am going to have a great race". But by mile 5 you start to slow down and soon you are feeling like you have nothing left and the rest of the race is a real struggle.

You just learned a lesson about going out too fast in a race. It is so important to run your race and be aware of the pace you want to run. Remember, those fast runners who are streaking out may be going out too fast too and if you go out steady and be patient, you may be passing them in the later stages of the race.

Two tips to help you:  If you are running 8 minutes per mile or slower don't line up in the front. The race timing technology of today will capture the time you cross the starting line, so it really doesn't matter how long it takes you to cross the line. If you line up in front and get caught in the draft of the really fast runners, it will cause you to run too fast early and leave you looking for fuel in the late stages of the Goat.

Second, take your goal pace per mile and do the first 3 miles of the Goat about 10 seconds per mile slower (30 seconds overall). This will be sure you are conserving energy and believe me you can get this time back. At the end of mile 3, when you are on Hancock, pick up your pace to the goal pace and settle in until you reach the top of Thornden Park. The rest of the race is downhill and flat, so with a lot in the tank, you can pick it up and finish strong.

Enjoy passing the folks who started out too fast as you head up Salina Street to the finish.
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