Course Maps

10 Mile Course (click here for interactive version)
Download the course certification map here.


10 Mile Elevation Chart
Using the above data taken at half mile intervals, the elevation gain is +565 feet.

Aid Stations / Energy

There will be six aid stations on the 10 Mile Mountain Goat course. Each aid station will offer water and endurance drink.

The 10 Mile aid stations are located at the following spots on the course:
1. W. Onondage Ave., before Bellevue, approximately 1.2 miles
2. Hancock Dr. at Arden Dr., approximately 3 miles
3. Kirk Ave., approximately 5 miles
4. Comstock Ave. at E. Colvin St., approximately 6.4 miles
5. Thornden Park, approximately 8.1 miles
6. S. Crouse Ave. at Genesee, approximately 9 milesĀ 

In addition, there will be a GU Energy Station around mile 5 of the Mountain Goat course offering GU Energy Gel's.

Energy Drink and water will be available at the finish line of the Mountain Goat at Clinton Square.

Porta-potties will be available on the 10 Mile course, located at:
1. Stolp and Hancock, approximately 2 miles
2. Kirk and Argyle, approximately 5 miles
3. Thornden Park, approximately 7.5 miles