Dear Mountain Goat Training Run Participants,

The growth of the Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Run has been amazing and this year we expect 4,000 participants to run in one of our three events, including the signature race of the local running calendar, the legendary 10 Mile Mountain Goat Run.

There is no doubt that the weekly training runs, which are held each year from the MOST, are a big factor in our growth with 700-800 people participating weekly. With success comes responsibility and both the Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Run and Syracuse Police Department are reaching out to all participants to address our current situation.

Keeping all runners and motorists safe is our primary concern. The streets of Syracuse are fully open to motorists during the runs. Because of this, the Mountain Goat Run secures 6 to 8 Syracuse Police Officers each week to assist in traffic control.

The following rules will be enforced:

  • No iPod devices or music devices with headphones or ear buds of any kind
  • No dogs or baby strollers
  • Runners must obey all traffic devices and signs
  • Runners should stay to the left and not run more than two across
  • Motorists have the right of way
  • Obey all directions from Syracuse Police Officers

In order for the training runs to continue, we need your help by making sure you follow these simple rules. In addition, please help us by making sure others are following these rules. Don’t let the few that will not follow the rules end the series for the rest of us.

We risk losing this great training series if participants can not comply. We hope you will help so the Mountain Goat Run Training series can continue for years to come.


Ed Griffin                                                                   John Austin
President                                                                   Race Director
Mountain Goat Run Foundation                                 Mountain Goat Run